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The Library purchases e-books from various publishers on different platforms and the possibility to transfer a book to your Kindle depends on the platform.

Some of the platforms require Adobe Digital Editions to download books for offline viewing (e.g. Ebook Central, EBSCOHost). E-books cannot be transferred from Adobe Digital Editions to the Kindle.

However, Kindle does support *DRM free PDFs (like those you download from Science Direct or WorldBank eLibrary). Simply hook up your Kindle to your computer through a USB cable and drag-and-drop the PDFs from your computer to the Kindle

Kindle also supports DRM free ePub files (like those you download from Google Books), which must be converted from ePub into a file format the Kindle can understand such as PDF or MOBI. To do this you need Calibre (a free e-Book management and e-Book file converter).

On some sites (e.g. Plagrave) you have the option to "Send to Kindle" directly from the site:

*Digital Rights Management (DRM) is copyright protection for an electronic product that limits the length of the loan of the downloaded e-book, and the amount of copying and printing. DRM free therefore means that there are no restrictions on the downloading or copying of these documents.

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