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Can I access a soft copy of a book, if the publisher has made this available?

The following book is in the J.S. Gericke Library:

Modern epidemiology
Kenneth J. Rothman;Sander Greenland 1951-.; Timothy L Lash;3rd ed..
Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins c2008

The publishers have released an online copy of this book. Would it be possible for me to obtain a copy of it via the university?
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Access to online/electronic books are often not a clear-cut business, as publishers have various business models for e-books. According to Amazon the publisher includes free online access to the printed copy. Am I correct in presuming that this is the kind of access that you're referring to?  If so, I know from experience that the publisher unfortunately does not extend this kind of access to libraries and their users. This is usually clearly indicated in the printed copy of such books. The free online access usually applies to individuals who buy a hard copy.

If this title is available as an electronic book though, it should be a valuable addition to our collection, so that we'll look into this as a possibility. As soon as we have investigated this, I'll give you feedback on the outcome.

You might find other e-books on epidemiology that are available in our collection useful in the meantime? For instance, Clinical epidemiology[electronic resource] :how to do clinical practice research  and Medical Epidemiology by Greenberg. One option to find these, is to use the search box (in the maroon top bar of the library website) and select e-books from the dropdown menu.

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