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Mendeley - citations in a document as well as how to add an ISO document as a reference

After finding abstracts on google scholar - and adding it directly to Mendeley- subsequent I added the pdf of the full article to this reference. When using the citation it looks like a website reference (accessed on ... etc)
On another note - how do I refer to a ISO standard in an academic article? load it as patent or report?
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Because you downloaded the article electronically, the format will be like an electronic journal article, i.e.

Petric, B. 2007. Rhetorical functions of citations in high and low-rated master's theses. Journal of English for Academic Purposes, [Online] 6(3). Available: http://www/ [2007, November 30]. 

I found these examples for ISO standards:


Wind Turbines - Part 4: Design and Specification of Gearboxes. ISO 81400-4:2005. Geneva, Switzerland: ISO.


International Organization for Standardization 2006, Environmental management: life cycle assessment: requirements and regulations, ISO 14044:2006, International Organization for Standardization, Geneva.

South African Bureau of Standards. 1996. Packaging of dangerous goods for road and rail trransportation in South Africa. Pretoria: South African Bureau of Standards.
(South African Bureau of Standards, 1996)

The format should be as this South African Bureau of Standards above (Stellenbosch Harvard), therefore I would like to suggest the following:

International Organization for Standardization. 2006. Title of standard. ISO 14044:2006. Geneva: International Organization for Standardization.

Mendeley does not have a template for standards. The best will be to test the format for Patents, but if it does not come out correct in the citation/bibliography, you will have to edit it manually.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards

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